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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer (Part 1 of 2)

I will be breaking Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 into two separate
reviews. The first part will be the multiplayer aspect of the game.
The second part will be the campaign and spec ops portion of the game.
The multiplayer portion of this review will just be on big review. The
second part will be my original review style where I break it down into
other parts (gameplay, graphics, audio). Lets get started!

MW3 Multiplayer Review (part 1 of 2)
Since multiplayer is the most important part of the game for all of
you gamers I decided to do this part first. So MW3 has improved on the
multiplayer once again. I will begin with the positives and then move
on to the problems and negatives.

First off the multiplayer is as good as ever. There are tons of things
to be unlocked. There is a huge roster of guns to be unlocked by
ranking up. There are new and additional titles, emblems and
camouflages. If you are an elite member or and elite founder you
unlock a winter camo and new titles and emblems for your playercard.
There are 16 maps that shipped with the game with map packs soon to be
added. If your an elite premium member you get monthly DLC for free.

So essentially the multiplayer is the same. You rank up and as you
rank up you unlock guns, perks and equipment. The max rank for MW3 is
80 which is pretty high up there and can take some time. As I am
typing this review I am currently first prestige rank 19. You have
your basic gun classes and they are the Assault Rifles, Sub machine
Guns, Light Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, and shotguns. I would like to
note that shotguns are now used as primary weapons. MW2 had them as
secondary weapons. A cool feature that was added to the multiplayer
portion would be the ability to level up your guns. The more you use
the guns the more attachments and camos you unlock for them. The max
level for primary guns is level 31. At level 31 you will have unlocked
everything for that gun including the gold camouflage which looks much
better in Modern Warfare 3 than Modern Warfare 2. Another feature
added are strike packages. This is also a great addition. The strike
packages changes up your play style. For example if you want to play
the regular MW style of multiplayer you would pick the Assault strike
package. This is your standard killstreak rewards. You kill 3 in a row
you get UAV. You die you lose your kill streaks. The other package is
the support package. This package is really neat because you get
points towards your killstreaks by killing enemies as well as doing
objectives like capturing a flag in domination. When you die your
points towards your killstreaks do not reset. The support package
offers different types of streaks which will support your team. For
example you get an advanced UAV which you cannot get by using a
assault strike package. The last one is the specialist strike package.
This can make you a god in multiplayer if used right. Basically your
kills do not go towards killstreaks but they go to perks. So if you
get three kills you will get an additional perk to help you out so
instead of three you will have four. These perks are customizable. You
can choose any order you want your perks to appear.

Overall the maps are pretty good. There is a huge variety of maps for
multiplayer. The maps are much smaller then the maps from MW2. This
can be a problem for campers, there are a lot of campers in
multiplayer but it is due to the game just being released so people
are not as familiar with the maps yet. There is a lack of sniping maps
for all of you snipers out there. I am sure some will be added with
the map packs. Some maps are a lot darker and very hard to see some
areas and can be sucky because that's where people camp the most.
Another negative thing about the maps is there is way to much stuff.
The open areas don't really feel as open anymore because there is
always stuff in the area to hide behind and pick people off.

There are new modes added to the multiplayer. These new modes include
Team Defender and Kill Confirmed. These very fun game modes and highly
recommended. Kill confirmed forces people to come out of hiding. With
Kill Confirmed the objective of the game is to kill your enemies. When
you kill your enemies they drop dog tags which count for one point
towards your team. First team to collect 65 dog tags wins the round.
The cool thing about this is if one of your team mates dies they will
drop their dog tag. If you don't want the enemy to get that point you
can run over the dog tag and deny their kill. Team Defender is exactly
like Team Deathmatch with a little twist. So regular kills don't
reward your team as much for points. In Team Deathmatch you get 100
points per kill for your team. You get about half in Team Defender.
The main objective in the game mode is to hold on to the flag as long
as you can. If your team is holding on to the flag and you kill an
enemy you get a bonus towards your experience and towards the team
score. So if you hold on to the flag most of the match then you are
sure to win. Both modes are tons of fun, go try it out!

Now the negatives. The main issue I have with the multiplayer in MW3
are the re spawn points. The maps are small so in game modes like
Domination the re spawning is terrible. At points I re spawned right in
front of the enemy. Another time I re spawned in front of three
enemies. This is extremely irritating. Another problem is the cheap
weapons every tends to use. For example the Type 95 can kill someone
with one single burst fire. Another cheap weapon is the UMP45 which is
by far the most over used weapon in the game. This gun has insane
accuracy and really high damage. Another problem is the shotguns. The
shotguns were awesome weapons in MW2 and Black Ops. The shotguns in
MW3 need a major buff up. Using the model 1887 that gun was a one shot
kill in MW2. In MW3 you get 3 hit markers before the guy dies even up
close! One other annoyance is the Light Machine Guns. These are a huge
disappointment. These guns are so underpowered that literally nobody
uses them.

MW3 was just released so there is still lots of time for them to fix
some issues with the multiplayer. Almost every game at launch has
issues and usually they get fixed. What they recently said in one of
their interviews is that they added a new system to the multiplayer
where they can tweak things on the fly instead of waiting three months
to produce a patch. They already had a small patch where they
apparently increased the power off shotguns.

Overall the multiplayer is as fun as ever. I know a lot of people are
upset with the multiplayer due to the problems. This game just came
out, give it a chance before quitting and bashing it. They need time
to fix the problems. Be patient. I highly recommend people pick this
game up. The multiplayer is fantastic! Enjoy!

Ninety-Nine Nights 2

Console: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Genre: Action/Role-Playing
Release Date: June 29, 2010
Reviewed: November 15, 2011

N3 2 is a hack and slash game full of action. This game in a way is
like Dynasty Warriors....but worse. The first one I enjoyed but this
one I recommend be avoided. First off with N3 2 you are going through
story mode doing different missions. If you know what Dynasty Warriors
is then there really is no need of an explanation for this game, but
for those of you who don't know what it is I shall explain. N3 2 is
basically a run in and kill game. You face massive armies and to get
to the next zone to complete your mission you need to kill the entire
army. Now these armies and idiots. The enemies stand around while your
destroying them. The odd enemy will come in and attempt to swing at
you to hurt you. As you progress through the game you unlock new
spells for your character. Some of these spells are actually very cool
and can help out a lot. Some of these spells are completely useless
and shouldn't even be in the game.

A lot of the enemies are extremely easy while a lot of them are
extremely annoying. The fly enemies that shoot ice and fireballs at
you are by far the most annoying. Half the time you aren't even able
to complete the mission without dying from them several times.                                                   Every time they hit you with their attacks you get stunned for a few
seconds and knocked down, even if you are in a middle of a huge combo.
No, as soon as you get hit you drop to the ground and are stunned.
Another annoying enemy are the different types of berserkers. Now the
first ones are easy and can easily be avoided but when there are 3+
white ones and you have to kill them to progress.....it's impossible.
Every hit is about 1/4 of your health and it knocks you down and stuns
you. Extremely annoying.

The missions are all the same thing over and over and over again. You
run, kill hundreds of enemies, get mad because of the BS enemies,
reach end of mission, done. There is nothing added to the missions
like obstacles or nothing. Same thing every time.

The graphics are anything new or great. The graphics are a bit
outdated and some of the animations look cheesy and lame. One thing I
can say about this is that the animations for some of the spells look
awesome. Looks like they will do some damage to your enemies. Overall
nothing new, nothing great.

The audio is also outdated. The music can be decent at some points.
The voice acting isn't all that great and the overall sound quality
isn't great as well.

Overall this game isn't the great. If you want to try it then please
rent it. Other wise avoid it entirely. The first one was much better.
Short review but you can't really say to much for a game this bad.

Dragonball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi

Console: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Genre: Action/Fighting
Release Date: October 25, 2011
Reviewed: November 15, 2011
Dragonball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi is a great addition to the DBZ video
game series especially for hardcore DBZ fans like myself. The fighting
style is completely new and revamped. Instead of health bars you now
have health numbers. You basically start at 50,000 health and it goes
down as your wailing on one another. The fight style is almost similar
to Burst Limit or Street Fighter if you will. The only difference is
you fly in the air. There are two fighting modes during the fights.
First one is "Blast Phase" which means you are in a phase where you
are able to perform ki blasts which are a lot more powerful than the
previous games. The second is "Combat Phase" which mean everything you
get close enough to your enemy a small cut scene will appear where you
both block each others kicks and begin the phase where you use melee
combat instead of your ki blasts. The combat overall if very well done
and is fun. They added a rock paper scissors element to it where say
if you perform a combo your opponent has a chance to counter that
attack based on which action you choose. If you counter then you punch
him out of the way and it cancels the combo. If you fail then prepare
to get your face bashed in.

During the fighting you can charge your ki like in the other DBZ
fighting games. But ki is used differently in Ultimate Tenkaichi. Your
ki is now used to acquire abilities to counter your opponents super
and normal attacks. While your charging your ki there are three icons
where your ki bar is. As the ki bar gets higher those icons light up.
They are, guard, evade, or counter. So if your opponent used
Kamehameha then you enter a small phase where you can choose how to
defend yourself against the attack depending on how much ki you have
charged up. So if you have it to the point where you have enough ki to
use the counter ability then you shoot another blast against the
Kamehameha and mash one of the buttons to over power your opponent. If
you succeed your blast will hit the enemy. If you fail then the
Kamehameha will hurt. The other ones are obvious where you can guard
to reduce the damage or evade to, well, evade the attack. If you max
out your ki bar you have an option to use that ki to get a boost in
attack. When it's full you use the up arrow on the D pad and you
unleash your ki. While your ki is unleashed your attack improves and
you are able to do additional combos. The only downside is when your
in this state your ki will slowly diminish.

Destruction in the game has been improved. So when you unleash a
special attack your will blow a hole in the ground....a big one. When
you shoot a Kamehameha you will see the path it followed in the ground
to hit your opponent. If you use multiple blasts say with Gohan you
will see the mini craters in the ground. If you use to spirit
bomb.....say good by to half the planet. Big crater! Now although the
destruction is cool. It can get lame, boring and repetitive really
fast. Every time you use a special attack there is always a mini
cut scene of the enemy looking shocked and hurt and a big hole of
nothing where they are flying. This happens every time! Gets annoying.
But overall a nice touch.

Another feature they added are the big boss battles. One for example
would be when you fight Vegeta in his ape form. These are actually
pretty fun because you have to actually pull of certain techniques to
beat these big bosses. You also need to damage certain parts of their
bodies in each phase. If you do enough damage you enter a sequence
mode to avoid the big hits and finish them off. Another nice touch to
the game.

One other feature worth mentioning is the hero mode. In hero mode you
go on a little adventure with your created character. Now at first
when you create your character there are not a lot of options at all.
You have to unlock other costumes and features for your character as
your playing hero mode. You unlock things like hair styles, costumes,
logos, and voices. The further you progress into hero mode the more
goodies you unlock to use. Hero mode is a nice addition as well. You
go train and level your character up to make hm stronger. You need to
train because some of the key battles in hero mode are tough. If you
have very little health you will die fast. During hero mode you will
unlock sparring partners. When you unlock them you can face them a
certain amount of times and you unlock additional items to make your
character stronger. It is also how you unlock capsules to increase the
stats of the other characters like "health +1". Overall it is a pretty
fun feature but can be grindy and boring at times.

There of coarse are some bad things about this DBZ game. Yes, fighting
can get really repeatitive due to using the same combo over...and
over....and over again. The rock paper scissors feature can get very
frustrating especially if you lose alot. If you lose you get bashed
into an endless combo which hurts. Hero mode can be grindy and slow
paced. Big boss battles can also be frustrating if you missing an
action or trying to dodge the big fist coming for your face. If you
get hit....it really hurts.

The graphics in DBZ: Ultimate Tenkaichi are gorgeous. A huge
improvement to the last DBZ fighting game. They made all of the
environments big, colorful and full of life. They made each charcter
look two times better and their animations very smooth and great to
look at. The graphics, effects, and animations on the super attacks
like the kamehameha look amazing. It actually looks like it will do
damage and create a giant crater in the ground. When you unleash your
special attack a mini cutscene will appear showing your character
launch it from their hands. When it happens your jaw drops for a
second staring at how big the blast is. The you realise....."this is
going to hurt".

As mentioned above the destruction has been improved and the details
are great. When you create a huge crater you can see the electricity
from the blast surrounding the gian hole in the ground. The more you
damage the fighting area the more hectic it looks. If you damage it
enough the sky turns red/dark and looks like an epic battle took place

Overall the graphics are very nice. It was nice to see them improve it
so much from the last game. Didn't think it would happen or it was
possible but they did it. Kudos to them.

So I personally love the audio in DBZ: Ultimate Tenkaichi. It has
great music and great sound. When your blasting or punching someone it
sounds great and goes with the animation. Now the voice acting overall
is really great. It almost had all of the original voice actors from
the show and previous games....except a few like Gohan. Some of these
new voices are terrible. Gohan sounds like a woman smoking to much
cigarettes. Terrible and apauling some of these voices are.

Overall it has a good variety of music and sounds. Voice acting is
great...except for the few like gohan.

Dragonball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi is a great addition to the over the
top fighting series. They took the risk in doing something new and a
bit different. It for the most part worked. There are some flaws with
it that can be annoying and frustrating. These can be easily ignored
or over looked. The graphics got a huge improvement and everything
looks great. The audio is great as well except for some of the voice
actors. If your an over the top fighting fan or a DBZ fan in general
you will enjoy this game. Rent it first before buying. I personally
loved this game. Overall it is a good game, not amazing but good.

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Four Swords Adventure Anniversary Edition

I would like to add one thing before going on with the review. Just wanted to let everyone know that this game is FREE. If you own a DSi or 3DS then you can download this game from the Nintendo Eshop for free. This game is offered free to the fans as an anniversary gift. As you all may know that this is Zelda's 25th anniversary, therefore, you receive a free game for being a loyal fan.

This game is not the same game as the original Four Swords Adventure. This game was remade by Nintendo as an anniversary gift to all the Zelda fans. The gameplay is generally the same as in the original game. What I love most about this is the wireless capability. Remember with the original game you needed to play co-op with a bunch of link cables? Well now it's wireless; makes it a lot more fun. Lets start with the general gameplay then we will move onto the multiplayer portion.

If you play on singleplayer mode then you will control yourself as well as a secondary link. It plays as any typical Zelda game where you explore dungeons and defeat the boss at the end. With a secondary link you use him to help get through different puzzles that require two people to do it with. Instead of the secondary person you have a second link to control. You can throw him across obstacles and when you need him to hit a switch then you simply press the "L" or "R" buttons to control him. The point in this game is you need to save Princess Zelda once again from the evil Vaati, like in the original. You go through multiple dungeons to unlock keys to open the way to Vaati's castle to save the princess.

As your battling your way to get these keys you are exploring dungeons trying to grab as much rupees as you can. If you acquire a certain amount of rupees then you will unlock something (not going to tell you, will ruin the fun in it). Even when you beat the game you unlock something pretty cool! What I love about the campaign is once you beat Vaati you will unlock the "Forest of Memories". This is a fantastic edition to the game to celebrate the anniversary. The "Forest of Memories" has three levels to it just like all the previous dungeons you went through. What great about this one is you play through levels from the past games. The first one you play is the outside of Hyrule Castle from "A link to the Past" Zelda game. After you beat it you finish it off by going into the castle. The last level is the level from the very first Zelda game ever to come out. After you beat the forest, you unlock one final area.....all I'll say is that it's tough! Bring a friend, in fact bring three.

Multiplayer is the exact same thing as the single player. In multiplayer you and a friend, or friends (you can have up to four people play) go through the campaign and you all need to work together to solve a bunch of puzzles to get through the campaign. You and your friends go through and you all compete for rupees. If you end up getting the most rupees you win a medallion and if you get five medallions you unlock something for yourself. I find this game is much more fun with other people. You get angry and most of the time your laughing so hard.

Free gift for Zelda fans!

The graphics in this game are the exact same as the original, but a little bit more updated. The art is well done as well as the environments within the game. Nothing to special about the graphics, just like the original 2D version. Still very nice and crisp animations and graphics.

Have fun with friends!

The audio in the game is outstanding. The reason being is because of the fact that every single Zelda song is in the game. From the classical levels all the way to the newer ones. In some way they use all of the music from the previous games. It makes the experience that much more enjoyable for you and your friends, especially if your a fan of the franchise. The audio for everything is nice and crisp, from swinging your sword to throwing your friend around, which is a blast by the way!

Four Swords Adventure is an outstanding and an addicting game. If your a fan of great cooperative experiences or are a fan of the franchise then I promise you will NOT be dissapointed playing this game. For a free game, it is  very well done. Thank you Nintendo for giving your fans a fantastic game. Why not get this game? It's free!

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Two Reviews will be up soon

Hey guys just wanted to let you know I finished two reviews and that they should be up very shortly. The two reviews are: Four Swords Adventure Anniversary Edition and Splinter Cell Conviction....lets just say one of them will not be getting that good of a score. I think you all know which one that will be I hope lol.

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Battlefield 3 Beta Multiplayer Review

I myself am not a big fan of Battlefield but I know it is a big game and very hyped up so I am going to do a small review on the multiplayer beta. Remember each section is ONLY regarding the multiplayer beta.

I am actually impressed with what they allow you to do with the beta. Only one map and one mode is available for the beta but you are able to test and take advantage of all of the unlockable content from ranking up and completing challenges. I personally think they should allow a second map to test out the vehicles as well. They may add it at the end of the beta but I have heard nothing as of yet. So Battlefield 3 is running on a completely new engine as most of you have my noticed. The game is extremely realistic as your running, jumping and even killing enemies. We will talk more about that in the graphics department.
BF3 multiplayer plays the same way as most online FPS's do now. Which is ranking up, and unlocking new items, perks, attachments, etc... What I like about BF3 is that the more you use a specific class the better equipment you will unlock for it. For example, if you only use the assault class and nothing else, you will notice as you kill enemies or accomplish certain challenges with that class you will notice a small experience bar going up with that class. Everytime the experience bar makes it to the end you will unlock something for the class wether is be an ACOG scope or a bipod attachment.

While you are playing you will earn basic experience by killing enemies. You will get 100 per kill. Just like Call of Duty if you do a unique kill or save a team mate or anything along those lines you will be awarded with bonus experience. When you do something say like get 5 headshots in a row you will unlock a ribbon which can be worth 200, 500 or more depending on what challenge you do. Everytime you capture and objective, in the case, defend or destroy the targeted objectives you will also receive experience for that as well.

Anytime you get your experience bar all the way up you will increase your rank. Currently I am ranked 16. The higher your rank the cooler your unlockables will be. Whenever you rank up, the odd rank, you will receive a new gun or new piece of equipment for you to use and customize with your favorite class. Everytime you receive a rank up it will take a little bit more experience everytime you want to go for the next rank.

The mode you are able to play on is called rush. Basically what you do if you defend two objective from being blown up by the enemy team. Each time the two objectives get blown up you get to progress to another area of the map to defend more objectives. As the enemy team your goal is to blow up the objectives to win. With this type of game mode you need a lot of communication. It even helps if your playing with friends. One other thing I would like to mention gameplay wise is the two new features they added. The first one is squads. You can choose to make your own squad with friends or you can opt in to automatically be assigned to a squad. This works well via communication as well as an added option. Say if your entire squad dies except for you. If you can stay out of harms way for a certain amount of time you squad will actually respawn where you are standing. One other feature is the battle log feature. Just like Call of Duty Elite you can track your games, stats, and see recent matches and things your friends have done. Pretty neat.

One more thing about the gameplay is the cons. I understand that this is still in early beta and that is the point of betas is to test out the game and find any bugs or errors. This is my personal list of a few. So generally it is a decent game online, not a personal favorite but it isn't to bad. Some of the bugs I have found is a graphical bug where the screen will randomly flicker while you are turning around or running. Another one that really annoys me is the odd time when you are aiming down your sights, let go of the trigger and try to re aim again, you are unable to do so for a little bit and it sucks while you are in the middle of a fire fight.

Rating: 8/10

So as stated above the graphics to this game are beautiful. They look very realistic and the environments are very well done. What I love most about this is if you throw and grenade or use an explosive near a tree, the tree will actually fall over. Almost everything is destructable in the game so if someone is hiding behind something just blow it up and you will get them. The running and walking animations are top notch. It looks very realistic how an actual person runs and walks. The animations are very well done. The only main issue is that the beta has a few graphical errors which I am sure they will fix up for the release.

Rating: 9/10

This is one of my favorite things in BF3. The sounds are so realistic and sound amazing. When you fire a gun it sounds like a gun! When you blow something up, oh yeah, it sounds like an explosive. The running and walking sounds are well done. Even when your running on grass, dirt, water or stone it all sounds realistic. Everything you do in the game as a realistic sound. Overall very impressive.

Rating: 9.5/10

So as you all know I am not a big Battlefield fan but fair is fair. A lot of people are and this is a really big and hyped game. So I tested the beta and these are my thoughts on the game. Overall the multiplayer from what I have played is pretty impressive. They did a great job of adding in new features and a new engine to the game. Other than a few errors, bugs, and gameplay issues, it is really a great multiplayer experience. I do say this, it is a lot more fun with friends. So make a squad and go have some fun!

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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BF3 beta review coming really soon!

Hey so I just finished up my BF3 review and it should be up today or tomorrow  Stay tuned!

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Star Fox 64 3D Review

Here is another remake of an amazing classic put onto the 3DS system.

Star Fox 64 3D plays exactly the same as the original for the N64. What I love about this is it is like OoT for the 3DS. What I mean by that is they actually updated the graphics and added new features to the game to keep it refreshing. Now they story overall is very very short. I mean in roughly an hour you can beat the entire story. That is the only issue I really have with it but I will focus on the cons in a bit. Lets talk about the Pro's. Star Fox 64 3D is a great addition to the 3DS system and another great remake. Embark on your journey to destroy Andross, the evil mad scientist. In Story mode you navigate through the different planets or missions and progress through the story. What I like about this is when you beat a mission you don't have to go on a straight path onto the next planet. They added it so when you beat a mission you can go ahead and do an alternate mission instead and progress the other way. Another thing I have always enjoyed about this game is the alternate routed you can unlock in mission. The first mission (Corneria) is a prime example. If you save falco and then fly through the hoops in the water and if you go through all of them Falco will compliment you on your flying and then tell you to follow him. You follow and space ship and go through an alternate route through a waterfall. When you beat the boss in the alternate route you actually unlock the other missions and gives you the opportunity to fight Star Wolf again and go to Venom 2 where you fight a harder version of Andross. The story is the same, missions are the same.

They did add other modes to the games. They added a score attack mode where you pick a mission to go through and it's basically trying to see if you can beat your scores. By score I mean how much enemies you can kill. If you kill a certain amount of enemies you earn medal. Bronze, Silver and Gold.
Another mode is the Battle mode. This mode you can face CPU's or some friend in a battle. There are different modes within battle mode such and score attack, and survival. The only issue I have here is that you can only face friends via DS download play, no online play at all. So battle mode is only fun if you want a small challenge and kill some CPU's.

One thing I should mention in the campaign is that there are two modes to choose from. The modes are Nintendo 3DS mode or Nintendo 64 mode. The Nintendo 3DS mode is a mode that uses the Gyro feature in the 3DS. Which means when you tilt your 3DS you ship will turn that way. You use the gyro and the stick to control your ship. The Nintendo 64 mode is based off of the original gameplay. Standard stick and button gameplay like in the original.

Rating: 8.5/10

Yes, the graphics are and have been improved in Star Fox 64 3D. They updated all of the graphics for the 3DS and it is a very nice update. The environment, characters, effects, ships, etc... is all updated and looks a lot better than the original version and makes the gameplay a little bit more fun to play.
The 3D is also well done. The only issue is if you play on the Nintendo 64 mode and you try to view it in 3D you will be moving your head a lot to see the 3 D effect. If you play with the gyro controls then your head will already be moving with the ship so it keeps the 3D effect. 3D looks great overall and really works for the type of game.

Rating: 9/10

Well not much to say about here because the audio is the same as in the original. The music is the same and all of the sound effects are the same as well. They did however update all of the audio to make it sound a lot more crisp and clear. With the graphical update also came with and audio update. The voice acting is terrible (like in the original) and the dialogue still sucks. Also Slippy is as annoying as ever.

Rating: 8.5/10

Star Fox 64 3D is a wonderful remake for the Nintendo 3DS. I have so happy that you can experience this game again like you did in your childhood. Although a great remake, it also has some flaws. For example the gameplay is way to short, as in 45 minutes then you beat it. The extra modes really do not make up for the short gameplay because your constantly re doing all of the missions which can get pretty boring really fast. If your a Star Fox fan then you will enjoy this game.

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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Pokemon Black/White Review!

Yes it is finally here! The review I said I was working on and never posted it!

So the gameplay pretty much plays the same as in all of the other pokemon games. What I love about these versions is they updated the graphics and added nice little 3D effects within the game. I will explain that more in the Graphics part. Anyway you get to choose from 3 starters like in all of the other pokemon games. The 3 starters are all new pokemon you have your fire, water and grass types. You may choose from Snivy (Grass), Oshawat (Water), and Tepig (Fire). Each pokemon are as good as you want them to be, also depends which type you like the best, for me it was Tepig then secondly Oshawat who I am not a big fan of personally. You go on a quest to get all 8 badges in this region then go on to face off the elite 4. These versions have new villians than the previous games. These villians are known as Team Plasma and are much more evil than the other teams. I am not going to explain what their roll is because it has a nice twist at the end, especially after you fight the elite four the first time. The game provides a nice challenge for newbies and there are tons more and new pokemon to catch. The gameplay is pretty long which is great. If you play and don't try and rush through it (even if you do) you are looking at at least 30 hours or more of gameplay. Plus there is a lot more to do when you complete the game. What I also enjoy about this version is your not just rushing to get the 8 badges and thats it. The story is so much more in this version. After almost every badge you have to do little side quests along your journey. Which allows you to explore the new areas a lot more. In Black and White they also introduced a new environmental feature. They added seasons to the game which means at the beginning of every month the season changes to winter, fall, summer, or spring. Each of these season offer new pokemon in certain areas. Winter can grant you access to secret areas to explore and grab awesome items. In Twist mountain when it is Winter the mountain is covered and snow and you can walk up snow hills and get to areas you cannot get to in other seasons. In this version they added two brand new battle styles. Rotation battles allow you to have 3 pokemon in battle at once. The only difference is that you only fight with one and you choose wether to rotate them or not to your other pokemon. This is a great battle mode if you are a strategic person. The other mode is Triple battle. Which is well, you guessed it, 3 vs 3. Overall they are nicely added except the triple battles can kind of get crowded and last a long time. Overall Black and White are one of the best in the series.

Rating: 9/10

Gamefreak has finally given the pokemon series and well needed graphical update. The environments are more colorful and a lot more detailed. They even made use of the DS and added 3D enviornments. Not a lot but it is still a nice touch. What I mean by 3D is when you are walking up the loooooooooooooong bridge (they love bridges apparently) you can see the camera rotate with you as your walking up the bridge and when your on the overpass you can see vehicles drive underneath you. There are other 3D areas but you can see them for yourselves. Don't want to ruin the exploration aspect of the game. The pokemon now are constantly moving during battle which is pretty neat. The moves used by pokemon also received an update as in they are more colorful and look nice. The only graphical issue I can really think of is when you use certain moves the camera zooms into your pokemon and it gets very pixelated. But other than that it is a nice update.

Rating: 8.5/10

Audio is the same as always. The only difference is the new pokemon cries and the new music in the background. All of the audio does sound crisp and clear and the music in the game is nice and suits the game very much. The elite four music is awesome as always and when you fight the champion or Ghetsis the music is good to. My favorite music during the game would be when you find a rare and legendary pokemon, it gets you pumped up to catch them. The epic music also suits with how huge and fierceful the legendaries look.

Rating: 8.5/10

If you are a pokemon fan or even a generic RPG fan, you will love this game. For all of you collecters out there (including myself), there is a ton of new pokemon and legendaries to catch and collect. The story is basically the same but is one of the better stories. Team Plasma are much more evil than the other teams and the gameplay is nice and long, over 30 hours! There is even tons to do after you beat the game like White Forest and Black City. Obviously White Forest is for the White version and Black City is for the Black version. Each offering new opportunites to discover and catch the older generation of pokemon. They also added a lot more wireless options such as visiting a friends world and helping them out, catching new pokemon in dream world (off of the website) and tons more. I promise you will all not be dissapointed.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS)

     Here is the review for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D for the Nintendo 3DS as promised. Now I currently at work so I will post pictures of the game today or tomorrow.

     Well as you might have all guessed this is a remake of the original Ocarina of Time for the N64. Now some people think that this is "just a port". Well actually it's not, what I love about the remake is it's an actual remake. What I mean by that is they updated the graphics for the 3DS so it looks much better. The animations for link and several other characters have been redone so it looks somewhat real and very smooth. The environments have been redone as well making it look simply stunning. OoT runs the same as the console version. You collect 3 medallions become and adult, awaken all of the 7 sages, save Zelda, own Ganondorf. Obviously it's the same story but they made the experience so much better. For example they added it so you simply press on button from the item menu and assign it to the button immediately. This makes the water temple a lot of toleralable as in you can instantly equip the iron boots on the fly. They added a gyro feature for the 3DS where you can move the 3DS (not the stick) to aim with the bow or slingshot. Now this feature works well with the 3D but it can be very annoying when using the equipment. Luckliy you are able to disable this feature. I know I did. When you beat the very enjoyable campaign you unlock a new mode for the more advanced players called Master Quest. Now this was introduced with the gamecube anniversary addition. What Master Quest is, is you simply start a new game but EVERYTHING is in reverse from the original gameplay. What I mean is when you start the game the great deku tree is to the right.....well now it is on the left side of Kokiri. It makes advanced players a bit more confused in some of the dungeons adding it that extra challenge. Luckily that is not all Master Quest offers. The enemies do double damage and the dungeons all have new and more difficult challenges to them. The bosses are still fairly easy. Remember this mode can only be unlocked when you beat the game once. The remake relives some of your childhood memories as a gamer. I loved it and I am so glad it was remade. You can now experience the legend in glorious 3D, which I will talk about in the next section.

The Interface.

Rating: 9.5/10

     Well as I stated above everything was redone. The animations, the graphics and the environmental graphics as well. It looks so much better and runs so much smoother than the original. We'll get to the 3D in a moment. I find by them redoing all of the graphics it really makes the experience that much more enjoyable. There is a couple of flaws that I noticed with the graphical update while playing through. Some of the backgrounds in the environments have not been redone and still look like the flat old 2D background as in the original. One other thing is the stairs still don't really look like stairs but the flat lined surface it was in the original. But these 2 things do not bother me at all as I believe it's the gameplay that makes the games not the graphics. Now the 3D in this game is spectacular. I know the launch games for the 3DS didn't have the greatest 3D effects as in as soon as you move the DS or move your head it takes a moment to find the 3D again. No not this game. I love as you run through the forest with the 3D on you see the little specs floating around you and it actually looks like they are flying right at you and gives you a relaxed feeling. Another thing I loved about the 3D was some of the cutscenes and the new enviroment looks. One example is at the beginning of the game where you are talking to the Great Deku Tree. When you have the 3D on for that scene it is amazing. Link is standing in the foreground as your talking to the Deku tree while he is in the back. It is a great dynamic view. Another one of my favorites regarding the 3D is when you run across the bridge in the forest to get the rupees and speak with the girl. If you have the camera angled just right with the 3D enabled you can see the entire forest and it looks amazing in 3D. Overall the graphics and especially the 3D in this game are truly breath taking.

Before and After Images.
Rating: 9.5/10

     The audio in this game has always been great. This game has simply one of the best soundtracks in gaming history. It is truly amazing how Nintendo spent the time with the soundtrack. All of the great songs from the original are in the remake but it sounds so much better. From playing your ocarina to roaming in Gerudo Valley (my personal favorite) you can relisten to all of the orignal music. This is one of my favorite things in OoT is listening to the music. If you took the advantage of buying OoT on release then you were qualified for a the entire soundtrack of the game. I know I got my 60 free songs! The audio for the monsters and the bosses are all redone as well. The sounds are all really impressive as always.

The Soundtrack!
Rating: 10/10

    This is better than the remake. They updated the graphics, the menus, the animations, the audio....basically everything. They even added a Master Quest to the game which offers a great challenge to the game for the advanced players. I highly recommend everyone gets this game....you will NOT be dissapointed I promise. Relive your childhood and experience the beauty of OoT. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Overal Rating: 9.5/10

Zelda Review coming in a few hours!

My OoT review for the 3DS will be posted in a few hours. I finished it at work but the servers are slow tonight so I could not post it. Stay tuned!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Super Street Fighter 4: 3D Edition (Yes it's dead at work)

Hey everyone as promised here is the SSF4 review for 3DS. Now this one will not have any screenshots but I will add them later on.

SSF4 on the 3DS is the exact same for the console and PC versions. But they did add a couple of new things such as the Dynamic View which is great for 3D Battles which is also a mode in the game. They also added a couple of new titles meant for some of the 3DS features like the streetpass feature. At first I was sort of worried about how this game will play out on the 3DS compared to the console and PC versions. It is actually pretty good. As in every Street Fighter you have your basic modes such as Arcade, and versus. Arcade plays the same, you fight other characters till you reach your rival and then Seth and if you accomplish certain goals during arcade you can fight Akuma or Gouken. What I love about arcade is when you beat it with any one of the 35 characters that this game has to offer you unlock titles for you player card. Unlocking all 35 character titles takes time and if a lot of fun that is if you don't cheat and play on easiest :P.

Another mode that you can play is versus. It is your standard versus mode where you can fight a friend or a CPU. There is also a 3D versus mode as well for the 3D lovers. They also added online battles which is a great addition for the 3DS. Sure it can be laggy online but if you get someone in your region it isn't so bad and can be loads of fun and competitive. When you win you earn Battle Points (BP) and Power Points (PP). When you lose you will slowly lose them. The more Battle Points you earn the higher your rank will increase. Power points are just for show. What I love about SS4 in general is you can unlock additional titles and battle icons when completing certain challenges. They even added a medals section which is like achievements.

Another mode is the Challenge mode whee you can destroy a car or bash barrels for those bonus stages. There is also a trial mode which has roughly 20 stages for each character which challenges you to try and complete their different moves and combos. They also added a mode for the 3DS which allows you to collect figurines. You can enter cheat codes to unlock additonal figurines and you can collect additional figurines by using the StreetPass feature. Overall the gameplay is the same as any other SF4 game but they always seem to keep it fun and add just enough features to keep it fun.

Rating: 9/10

The graphics for SSF4 on the 3DS is pretty impressive. It is almost if not the same as the console versions. Now obviously they added the 3D to the game which makes it even cooler. Now the 3D doesn't really work when your playing in normally due to moving the 3DS often from wailing on the buttons. This is why the added the Dynamic View to the game. This allows you to enable the 3D on the game and it works better for the game. It is always fun having Ryu's hadoken coming at your face. Overall the 3D is nicely done, not perfect but pretty close.

Moving away from the 3D, the game has kept the exact same style of art from the console versions which I think is a good thing because it works so well with the game. The art is great looking, the environments look great and the character models and moves also look great. A great looking game for a great handheld console.

Rating: 9/10

The audio in the game is the same as always. The music sounds the same, the voices sound the same. The quality is great. I know the 3DS's speakers aren't the greatest but the sound in game is really well done. I always love hearing the characters yell their Ultimate Moves. The voice acting is very well done and hearing Ryu yell "Mentsu Hadoken!!" just gets you pumped because you know it's going to hurt.

Rating: 9/10

In conclusion the game is very well done and so much fun. It is a good time waster and is a blast when your playing online. Even if you aren't an online type of person you will still enjoy it because there is lots to do. A fantastic addition to the 3DS and fighting genre. Long live Street Fighter.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Pick it up!!

Sorry for the loooonnnnggggg break

Hey everyone. Just wanted to apologize for the inactiveness. I have been very busy with work and haven't had the funds to grab me some new games to review. So what I am going to do is I am going to start reviewing older games as well as the new ones. I will be doing new reviews, a lot but I would also love to do reviews on past games as well. I have thought about it (currently typing this out at work) and I will be posting a list underneath in what games I will be reviewing in order. Stay tuned!

Review List:
Super Street Fighter 4: 3D Edition (3DS)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (3DS)
Age of Empires Online
Ninety Nine Nights 2
Splinter Cell Conviction (Currently Playing)

This is the list as of right now. I promise these will al be up shortly. I will be adding more games in the genre of F2P like Dragon Nest as an example. Thanks everyone!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever Review!

Alright I know you have all heard the terrible reviews. Well don't listen to them, if you are a Duke fan you will love this game! I am typing this to you as the end credits are rolling lol. Yes I just beat the game this is why I am doing a review on it right now. Anyway lets start shall we?

So the gameplay in Duke Nukem Forever plays like Duke Nukem 3D. You obviously play as Duke Nukem and your goal is to kill the cycloid emperor because the aliens are stealing the hot women from planet earth. I am not getting into details about the story but basically that is the short version. So in Duke Nukem Forever you only can carry two guns, like any newer FPS. You always start with the Gold Pistol which I recommend you keep during the whole game because if you do you get a whopping 50G achievement or Trophy called Gunslinger for doing so. The game is actually medium in length and somewhat difficult like Duke 3D was. The game is hilarious and there is tons of interactivity in the game. You can drink beer to toughen yourself up, take steroids to enter roid rage and destroy your enemies in one hit with your fists, holo duke is back and funny as hell, and you also have a pair of nightvision sun glasses. The game has just over 12 chapters with most of them having 2 parts to it. I think the game should have been a bit more polished as in due to the low FPS rate and at some areas the FPS drops next to nothing. Within the game some of the interactivity includes a pinball machine, drinking, peeing, throwing feces....yes feces, lifting weights, punch punching bags, grab a pair of smokes, condoms, sodas out of the soda machine. The list just goes on. There are also a lot of easter eggs within the game that I had to laugh at. For example in the second or third chapter a soldier tells you that there is some armor and a power suit in in the crate that you can grab to get ready. When you go up to the crate you grab your ammo and then you will see a spartan suit (master chiefs outfit) from halo and when Duke see's it he says "Power Suits are for pussies". To wrap it all up Duke Nukem is back and he is as funny as ever. The gameplay is fun as hell, and there is a nice challenge. When you beat the game I recommend you look at the extras there are some amazing things in there.

"Power Armor if for pussies" (taken from my cell phone)

Multiplayer is pretty neat. Not really a big point in the level up system but you can unlock items for your mansion and redecorate it. I personally enjoy the multiplayer aspect of the game. There is one things that really drives me nuts and it is the load times from each chapter. The most annoying part is when you die and you have let the whole chapter reload again and it takes forever!!


This one isn't going to be that long because yes the graphics are from 2008, and they are outdated but if you know from my other reviews. I don't care about graphics. Gameplay is where it is at. Anyway they are outdated as stated before, the are a lot of low FPS drops during gameplay some of the characters look bad. The animations for duke nukem aren't good at all. If you watch him jump and walk in a mirror the animations look terrible.


Try taking out one of these with a pistol.

Yep the audio is back! To begin all of duke nukems famous quotes made a return as well as some new ones. Some of the quotes even include video game spoofs. Such as Dead space, Halo, and Mortal Kombat. The music is really well done and the sound effects from the enemies are roughly the same as Duke 3D just updated for 2008. The sound of the guns shooting is neat, especially the ripper gun. Sounds like...well your ripping it up.


Duke Nukem is back and kicking ass as always! If you are a Duke Nukem fan I recommend you check this game out. It is fun as hell and has a lot of humor for everyone to enjoy. If you aren't, just give the game a chance, play through the whole game before making a solid judgement. It's been 14 years, give the guy a break.

Overall: 8.5/10

The final boss!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

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Twitter account

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Lateness on Crysis 2

Hey guys I just want to apologize for the lateness on my Crysis 2 review. Got called into work for an extra shift but I promise it will be up on Monday or Tuesday night, no later.


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Review date!

Hey all the review will be up this afternoon (June 10th)! Keep an eye out for it!

New review coming: Crysis 2

Just a small heads up that I will posting up a review for crysis 2 very soon. Hopefully tonight. No later than Monday. I will annouce the day this afternoon.

Thanks everyone!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Worthy E3 announcements!

Halo 4 - Fall 2012.

They showed Gears of War 3 demo. They are currently showing a 30 minute demo of Skyrim and it looks unbelievable. Next up will be the 10 minute demo of MW3.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Duke Nukem Demo Review!

This is going to be a very short review because it is only a demo.

So the graphics in Duke Nukem are really nice from what I have seen from the Demo. If I would have pre-ordered it on PC I would have taken some footage. Anyway the graphics obviously got a huge update and have a shiny new coating. The environment details are nice as well as the visual effects in the game. The enemies look nice and the first boss you have to fight in the game is awesome looking! They really made him look fierce!


Well the gameplay is pretty awesome. It was kind of iffy at some parts but then again it is only the demo and it only has two missions you can play from. The demo itself is very short but after 13 long years I am sure it is nice just to get a taste of the game. At the beginning of the game you start off in the bathroom using the urinal. Then you can explore around the area and interact with most of the objects......and yes you can go in the toilet and grab feces and throw it around. The funny this about that is some of the saying Duke says as he is throwing it around and picking it up lol. After the bathroom you go out and you see all of these decapitated bodies and then you walk up to this white board that has plans called "Operation Cock Block" and the soldier asks if you want to add anything to the white board. As your drawing or writing on the board he says "Thats a great plan Duke!" and when you finish your masterpiece he says "Wow Duke that is the best plan I have ever seen....I don't understand it but if I did I am sure it is the best plan!". After that you get to go to the field and kick the bosses ass with some pretty sexy guns. When thats over you kick the eye into the field goal and then the scene turns into duke playing himself in a video game and two females pleasuring him orally. On of the girls says "Well Duke what do you think about the game, was it any good?" Duke says, "Well after 12 f**king years it should be good!" I kind of laughed there. Then you move onto the second mission. The second mission is basically you driving dukes car, going into a mining area to find some more gasoline and then refill the car. Thats the end of the Demo! Pretty funny, good gameplay and cannot WAIT for the final game!



Yep so you know Duke with his sayings! Yeah well they are all back and funny as ever in the demo! The in game sound effects are really good and Duke Nukems sounds phenomenal and crystal clear. Obviously they want everyone to hear Duke Nukems hilarious speeches. 


Conclusion of the Demo:
The demo overall was pretty fun. I was just happy to play as Duke again and here his hilarious quotes. The second mission on the demo kind of worried me because it started off really slow and kind of dull. But it picked up at the end. I am still a bit worried for the final product because well this game as been in development for 13 years and people expect it to be great. I think it will turn out to be one of the best games of the year. I just really hope other people will think that as well. Thank you Gearbox and 3D Realms for this awesome game and bringing us back Duke Nukem! "Hail to the King Baby!"

Hail to the King Baby!

Overall Rating: 9/10

Duke Nukem Demo out now!

Hey for all of you Duke Nukem fans out there th First Access Demo is out! So get your codes and try it out!


Sorry peeps! Been very busy but I am back on schedule! Keep an eye on an ass load of reviews soon!

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Pokemon White/Black Review still coming!

Hey guys I know I posted that the pokemon white/black review is coming shortly. The thing is, is that the games campaign is over 30 hours long, I have beaten the game but I still need to do other things after you beat the Elite 4, and Team Plasma. So the review will try to be up by the end of this week, I promise. Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pokemon Review Coming soon

I am currently playing pokemon black and white. The review will be up soon. Stay tuned!

Friday, February 25, 2011


Bulletstorm is very unique and different than any other FPS. Now Epic games is the creator of Bulletstorm, therefore, it is running on the Unreal Engine and is very similar to the Unreal series. What makes this game different from the Unreal games is the fact that you "kill with skill". What I mean by that is if you kill an enemy with a skill kill you get points for it. In the campaign there is an in game currency which allows you to buy ammo, charges, ammo upgrades and charge upgrades. Charges are basically ammo for the guns secondary shots. For example if you have the shotgun and press "RB" opposite button of the leash you are able to switch to the shotguns secondary shot with unleashes a supersonic wave which vaporizes enemies. There are over 130 different kinds of kills which will earn you more points. Each gun has it's own list of skill kills including environmental skill kills which can all be accessed pressing the "back" or "select" button. The game can be fairly short depending on the difficulty you are on. I beat the game on normal in about 5 hours.If you play on a harder difficulty and try to find all of the news bots and whiskey bottles then it will take you much longer. During the campaign there are some pretty cool quick time events. If you hit the correct buttons, depending on your reaction time, you are rewarded with a large amount of points, but if you do not hit the buttons at all your action will still process but you will not be rewarded with any points.

Right in the face!

Now the only problems I had with the game was that most of the vulgar language was completely unnecessary. The language did not bother me at all, it was just too much and overused at some points in the game. Some of it is hilarious and used at just the right moments but most of it is overused. Another problem I had was it was a little bit to short and some stuff just happened was to fast. The story is good but stuff happened to quickly and the game was too short.


The game like I said earlier is run on the Unreal Engine as the graphics are very well done and the environments are absolutely breathtaking especially when you are walking up towards the water dam. The visual effects in the environment are well done as well as in the water effects, background environment (ie. nature, animals, etc...). I also really enjoyed the visuals of the guns. When you use the big guns it actually looks like it hurts. When you activate the guns secondary your screen and controller will vibrate giving you that feeling of power. The enemies are really cool as well and are all very unique. The animations, art style, and animations as well as special effects are nicely one as well.

Damn he's big!

The only bad thing I can think of is during some of the cut scenes where Trishka's hair would randomly flip in the air which catches you off guard. Some of the cut scenes also have a lag or drop in FPS issue where it rarely gets choppy. Also there is a rare and not noticeable cut scene where the animations look cheesy.


The audio in Bulletstorm is exceptional and is very well done. Lets start with the music. What I really enjoyed about the music is that it gets your adrenaline pumped especially when your in a big battle or big moment in the game. When these events happen in the game the music will pick up and has a metal sound to it where it is fast paced just to give you that "Epic" feeling.

The voice acting in Bulletstorm is very well done as well. Gray which is the main character almost sounds like Jack Nicholas. Not much to say about the voice acting but that it sounds great. The enemies don't really talk but some of their screams sound scary as in when they yell or chase after you....RUN!!! Even the sound of the enemies exploding or being ripped to shreds sounds gruesome yet is very satisfying because you killed them "with skill".


Overall Bulletstorm is a must get game but please consider the ESRB rating, M for Mature. I say this because this game has already gotten enough of the media on their backs because parents cannot control their kids. Bulletstorm is a very fast paced and wild game. The kills are gruesome, fun, funny, and very satisfying. When you beat the game make sure you go and beat Echo Mode as well. If you are a fan of the Unreal games or even an over the top FPS fan, go and please pick this game up.

Overall Game Rating:

Monday, February 7, 2011

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Review

Cataclysm brings two brand new races to the game. The two new races are the Worgen and the Goblins. Worgens are alliance and the Goblins are for the horde. As a Worgen you will start defending the city of Gilneas from the Forsaken led by Sylvanas. When you reach level 6 and do a certain quest you will be able to turn into a worgen, when the area is complete you can switch between worgen and human whenever you want but as soon as you enter combat you automatically turn into a worgen. Goblins also have a new starting area as well. You start off on some islands and is a great addition to the lore. A new secondary profession has been added as well known as Archaeology. You go around azeroth surveying certain areas to find hidden artifacts. The higher it is the more rewarding the artifacts become. The new instances are very well done, they provide a nice challenge unlike the previous expansion. You will be able to use new currency to buy your level 85 gear. This currency is called Justice points from heroics and Valor points from the raids. The quests are very fun with a lot of cut scenes. Some of the cut scenes are a little to much. For example in Uldum a level 83 zone after every couple of quests there is a new cut scene, can be annoying but most of them are full of cool information. New skills have been added obviously for every class, and the talent trees also got a new make over as well. The raiding experience is great again like back in Burning Crusade. The boss fights are unique and provide a nice challenge for the core players. The raids are Blackwing Descent, Bastion of Twilight, Throne of Four Winds, and Baradin Hold. There are many new additions to the game where you can now fly in azeroth, all of azeroth has been revamped, and the quests have all been revamped as well with new ones added to each area. Each dungeon has quests at every entrance with some nice XP, money and usually loot. Cataclysm is a fantastic addition to the World of Warcraft series and looks very promising in the future patches. A recommended purchase for any MMO and WoW fan.

Overall: 9.5/10

The updated visuals came out as soon as the pre patch came out. This all started with the water effects and then the sunlight effects as well as the shadow effects. The water got the biggest update in Cataclysm. The water now looks very realistic and interacts with your character. What I mean by that is when you walk in the water the ripples move to your character. The sun shines on the water and you are able to see your reflection in the water as well. They updated the shadow effects to not be a little dot underneath your character but an actual shadow of your body. When you enter the Cataclysm areas you can instantly tell the visuals have been update for those areas.

Overall: 9.5/10 

As soon as the pre patch to Cataclysm came out all of azeroth changed as well as the in game music. Each zone got a revamp on the environment and the music. The most noticeable changes are in areas like Stranglethorn Vale. Personally I find the music to be much better, and each area sounds unique. Most places still have the classic music in it but with new music and sounds added to it. Overall it provides a new and exciting experience.

Overall: 10/10 

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

Dragonball Raging Blast 2 Review

Time for another review! Sorry for the lack of reviews, been extremely busy. Time to get on track! Anyway this is a review for Dragonball Raging Blast 2. Enjoy!

Well where to get started. DBRB2 is a very enjoyable game when it comes to fighting games. I personally am a huge DBZ fan so obviously I'm going to love that game, but I will base this review on a non fan perspective. DBRB2 has a wide variety of characters to play, more than the first one. in DBRB2 there is no story mode. The mode is known as "Galaxy Mode" which is really neat in my opinion. Every single character in DBRB2 has their very own galaxy you can play. Each galaxy has about 5+ fights. You can rush through the game is just beat each characters main missions in their galaxy or try for 100% completion of every characters galaxy. If you rush through it, it will still take some time to beat all of them. When you complete certain people's galaxies you unlock other character galaxies as well as hidden roads. What I mean by hidden roads is say you beat the last mission for Goku, you will unlock an alternate mission for gohan, teen gohan, etc... It basically means if a characters galaxy is linked with another characters then you will unlock sub mission known as "hidden roads". Now there are a TON of unlockables in this game. From concept art, to characters, to soundtracks, moves, costumes, accessories, voice clips, etc... There are A LOT! One of the new modes they added is called "Battle Zone". It's basically missions and when you have beaten the battle zones then you unlock ultimate zones which are much harder fights. The online play is better, a lot less lag and a lot of titles to unlock. Yes there are a lot of move spammers online like the other previous games. But what fighting game does not have those type of people? Overall this is a good fighting game to play with your buds or alone beating galaxy mode. The controls are really good and the combos are fun. They also added a raging blast mode, when you fully charge up with your ki press "RB" on the 360 controller and you will enter raging soul. This basically makes you faster, stronger and pull of longer combos. 

Overall: 8/10

The graphics are much better compared to the first one. The auras and detailing on the environment and characters are much better than DBRB1. They are very pretty. The super attacks look much better as well such as the Kamehameha. Overall all of the graphics got a nice upgrade.

Overall: 9/10

The music choice is very well done in this game. Many new soundtracks have been added and are all pretty decent. The voice acting is kind of off on some of the characters. The voices for Jeice, Frieza, and kid gohan are all different voice actors and sound terrible. The other characters are great. The combat audio is good as well, when you hit with a big attack or big combo it sounds like it hurts.

Overall: 8/10

Overall Rating: 8.5/10