Saturday, August 27, 2011

Super Street Fighter 4: 3D Edition (Yes it's dead at work)

Hey everyone as promised here is the SSF4 review for 3DS. Now this one will not have any screenshots but I will add them later on.

SSF4 on the 3DS is the exact same for the console and PC versions. But they did add a couple of new things such as the Dynamic View which is great for 3D Battles which is also a mode in the game. They also added a couple of new titles meant for some of the 3DS features like the streetpass feature. At first I was sort of worried about how this game will play out on the 3DS compared to the console and PC versions. It is actually pretty good. As in every Street Fighter you have your basic modes such as Arcade, and versus. Arcade plays the same, you fight other characters till you reach your rival and then Seth and if you accomplish certain goals during arcade you can fight Akuma or Gouken. What I love about arcade is when you beat it with any one of the 35 characters that this game has to offer you unlock titles for you player card. Unlocking all 35 character titles takes time and if a lot of fun that is if you don't cheat and play on easiest :P.

Another mode that you can play is versus. It is your standard versus mode where you can fight a friend or a CPU. There is also a 3D versus mode as well for the 3D lovers. They also added online battles which is a great addition for the 3DS. Sure it can be laggy online but if you get someone in your region it isn't so bad and can be loads of fun and competitive. When you win you earn Battle Points (BP) and Power Points (PP). When you lose you will slowly lose them. The more Battle Points you earn the higher your rank will increase. Power points are just for show. What I love about SS4 in general is you can unlock additional titles and battle icons when completing certain challenges. They even added a medals section which is like achievements.

Another mode is the Challenge mode whee you can destroy a car or bash barrels for those bonus stages. There is also a trial mode which has roughly 20 stages for each character which challenges you to try and complete their different moves and combos. They also added a mode for the 3DS which allows you to collect figurines. You can enter cheat codes to unlock additonal figurines and you can collect additional figurines by using the StreetPass feature. Overall the gameplay is the same as any other SF4 game but they always seem to keep it fun and add just enough features to keep it fun.

Rating: 9/10

The graphics for SSF4 on the 3DS is pretty impressive. It is almost if not the same as the console versions. Now obviously they added the 3D to the game which makes it even cooler. Now the 3D doesn't really work when your playing in normally due to moving the 3DS often from wailing on the buttons. This is why the added the Dynamic View to the game. This allows you to enable the 3D on the game and it works better for the game. It is always fun having Ryu's hadoken coming at your face. Overall the 3D is nicely done, not perfect but pretty close.

Moving away from the 3D, the game has kept the exact same style of art from the console versions which I think is a good thing because it works so well with the game. The art is great looking, the environments look great and the character models and moves also look great. A great looking game for a great handheld console.

Rating: 9/10

The audio in the game is the same as always. The music sounds the same, the voices sound the same. The quality is great. I know the 3DS's speakers aren't the greatest but the sound in game is really well done. I always love hearing the characters yell their Ultimate Moves. The voice acting is very well done and hearing Ryu yell "Mentsu Hadoken!!" just gets you pumped because you know it's going to hurt.

Rating: 9/10

In conclusion the game is very well done and so much fun. It is a good time waster and is a blast when your playing online. Even if you aren't an online type of person you will still enjoy it because there is lots to do. A fantastic addition to the 3DS and fighting genre. Long live Street Fighter.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Pick it up!!

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