Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mini Review: Color Switch

Color Switch is an addictive puzzle game on iOS and Android where the point of the game is to bounce a colored ball through obstacles. Sound easy? Think again! There are a couple of ways you can play this. Either play endless mode or the many different modes offered. Endless mode is essentially a mode that never ends, gets faster and you try to beat your score....almost like Flappy Bird. With Color Switch as you progress through each obstacle the color of your ball changes and you need to match it up with the color of the obstacle in order to proceed. These obstacles can be moving, be very small or even change appearance. 

At the time of this review there are currently 19 different game modes. Each one being very different from the others. Fortafy Games adds a new mode almost every bg update for free. One of my personal favorites is Climb where your ball or icon rides up each side of the wall in order to reach the goal. It start off easy but as you progress it gets much faster and almost frame perfect when you switch between the walls. A lot of these modes will having you wanting to throw your phone at the wall but when you beat it, it feels so rewarding.

The music is super catchy and each mode has it's own soundtrack. You collect stars from playing the game overall and are able to use these stars to buy new balls. One might be a pokeball, thumbs up, a skull, etc..... Color Switch is constantly getting updated with new modes, balls, and much more. Highly recommended.

*Update* New mode Slide was added after the review. Also note that this is a free game. 


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  1. I found this game awhile back and of course since it was free, and I had some time on my hands I would try it. I was actually very entertained with it and it is one of a few games I keep on my iPhone. Excellent review.

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