Thursday, November 13, 2014

Solar Roller

Platform: iOS, Android
Genre: 3D Platformer
Date Reviewed: November 10, 2014

       Solar Roller is the newest mobile game for Android and iOS developed by Runway Games. Solar Roller provides unique and fun game play where you use your phones motion controls to navigate through each of the levels. You start off with using Pluto and work your way up to all of the planets. Depending on how faster you complete each level you will earn stars to show how well you did. Each planet has their own unique level designs and they get more challenging each time. You basically control a ball which looks to me like a moon. You navigate each level to the goal using the tilt controls with an option to jump when you swipe upwards. This becomes very important as the much harder levels require you to jump on to platforms. This is the type of game where you come so close to beating a level and mess up you end up throwing your phone at the wall but when you succeed you feel like you've achieved something. This is where Solar Roller shines. It makes you want to continue and beat that one level you’re stuck on and once you do you feel like a god. This kind of game play is what makes Solar Roller a real treat and makes you keep coming back for more. With an already huge amount of levels to complete you are in for a treat. Another small feature I love is that this game is free and they do it in a way where you are not bombarded with ads that interfere with the game play. If you run out of lives you have an option to let it recharge or watch a short ad and get all of your lives refilled.!

       The game play, music and level design make it feel like you are in space while playing these levels. Although the music and background can get repetitive it’s still not a big issue or game breaker at all. You are so focused on getting your ball into the goal that you don’t even notice half the time. One feature I truly enjoy is the option to record your game play. You can record and share your videos with your friends or people on the internet. Not usually a feature you see in iOS games. Very nice. There are a couple of features I do hope to see in a future update. Keep in mind they have already updated the game once so I am certain we will see even more. Some nice features I would like to see are leader boards, an adjust camera option, a race mode, and new levels added once in a while. Also it may get frustrating for some players on the difficulty curve. I love what Runway Games has done with the game so far and with updates I can see Solar Roller getting very popular. This is only their second game and I am already impressed and have high hopes for the team.


Great Game!

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