Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fable III

Alright time for Fable 3!

First of all fable is one of my most favorite series of all time. But I will still give my honest review.

- The gameplay in Fable III is solid. The mechanics are totally different then from Fable I and II. What I mean by that is experience. You know longer gain experience in the game. The only type of experience currency you get is for guild seals. You spend these guild seals to upgrade your weapons and magic. It is also used for buying new spells and expression and abilities to marry, buy, sell, rent, etc.... Now your goal in Fable III is to become king of Albion and save all your people from an even greater threat than your brother. There are a lot of things I like about this game. The Co-op is much better, your can go into partnerships with people over live to get more gold, you can marry one another, have a family, do quests, and the best part is that you don't have to use a preset character, you bring your own character into your friends world. In Fable II and I you had an inventory where you can use items and change clothes. That is gone, well not totally they just made it better. When you press start you get teleported to your Sanctuary where you are able to view your xbox live friends, status, change clothes, make-up, tattoo's, color's, you can view your trophies and achievements, any gifts sent you to from an xbox live person gets put on the gift shelf, and you can also travel and change your weaponry and spells. Fable III's world is much bigger than Fable II. My only complaint is the slow loading times and graphical jitters.


- The graphics in-game are very well done. Some of the character models look to cheesy but the environment details are phenomenal. The cinematic graphics are even better, almost looks like your watching a movie. The enchantments and detail on the weapons and armor are also very well done. There are some graphical errors though just like in any other game, but they aren't that noticeable and will not change the gameplay what so ever.


- The audio is also excellent in this game. The sound track is excellent, the voice acting is great, and the background sounds are very well done as well. The only issue I have with the audio is something you have to turn your TV up loud to hear what they are saying then when the talking is over it's loud from the music or combat.


Overall Score:

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