Thursday, October 28, 2010


Well lets start off with my first review shall we? Since this is my first review posting I will explain quickly and shortly how I will be doing this. First I will divide each review in 3 sections; gameplay, audio, and graphics. Then at the end of each section it will be an overall score then at the end of the whole review will be the overall game score. So lets get on with it!

- The game play in Darksiders if very much like God of War. In Darksiders your roll is to basically avenge what happened to you. Basically you are one of the four horsemen and you were betrayed into bringing the earth into an apocalyptic ending. Anyway there are some really good fighting mechanics and combos you unlock and purchase. To purchase these skills, combos and weapons you use an in game currency known as souls. You earn these currencies from killing enemies or giving the vendor artifacts in exchange for souls. Some of the missions that need to be done kind of get repetitive and the puzzles get annoying and unnecessary. There are some really neat monsters in the game that take skill to take them down. The boss fights on the other hand are a bit to simple. Some bosses are huge and require you to think of a strategy to take them down will some you run in there like a maniac and hit them till they go down. The last boss is a let down. The boss is massive in size and is a 2 boss fight (same guy) and is extremely easy. The game is pretty long, but that is because of the repetiveness. Overall the game play is pretty decent.


- The graphics in this game are pretty good. What I like most about this game is the art work. I am a fan of demons and fantasy artwork so if you like those then you will love this. The artwork is gorgeous as well as the graphics. When you enchant your sword the glows make it look that much better. The combo styles and skills you unlock as well as weapons have pretty neat effects as well. Overall the graphics are great.


- The audio in this game is also well done. It has a God of war style music in the menu and during the game play. The voice acting is well done as well. The main character which your playing has a great voice. Anyone know illidan from World of Warcraft? Yeah that's right!


Overall Game Score:



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