Monday, January 10, 2011

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Alright time for a review of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for the Nintendo DS. Down below is the review broken  down into section like the previous reviews. It will be separated into "Gameplay", "Graphics", and "Audio". Enjoy!

So it's been quite a while for this game to come out. The first 2 golden suns were originally on the GBA. Several years later the long waited third one comes out for the DS. I am glad it did. Now this game take place 30 years after the golden sun event in the second game. Before I go on, no you cannot transfer your saved games from the first or second golden sun. Anyway you play as the "Warriors of Vales" children. Along the way you will run into many familiar faces from the previous games. The game is about 25 hours long in gameplay if you take your time and do not rush through it like a maniac. There are alot more Djinni in this one than the previous games. There are about 70 Djinni's in Dark Dawn. There are new summons as well, and many summoning tablets to be found. Now the game is very simple. A lot of people were complaining about how easy this game was to the previous games. Yes it is very easy, but very enjoyable. The story makes up for the difficulty. What I like about this game is if you have not played the previous golden suns and are completely lost, you are able to buy sun sagas from item artifact vendors. When you use these items it tells you the story of what happened in the previous two games. There are alot of psynergy abilities to use, you get all new characters, many new puzzles, lots of dungeons, and lots of variety. You are even able to make your own weapons when you see the old lady in Champa.

Overall: 9/10

The graphics in Dark Dawn got a huge revamp as well from the previous two. Well king of obvious when Dark Dawn is released 7 years after The Lost Age and put onto the DS. The art and animations of the summonings are very impressive and very detailed. The weapons are also very cool looking when you discover the power houses. Character detail is very impressive, and as well as the environment.

Overall: 9.5/10

Lets start with the soundtrack. The music in this game is very catchy and is very pleasant to listen to while you are playing. There are a lot of familiar soundtracks in Dark Dawn that were in the previous games, including the intro when you first boot up the game. Even the sounds of the psynergy, and attacks were really detailed and have great quality. Overall very impressive and very nice to listen to.

Overall: 10/10

Overall Rating: 9.5/10

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